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Everey Day after the stupid SportSeckRun..

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Every day after the stupid SportScheck-Night Run I felt a sharp pain in my left leg.
That affects me mentally because I was looking forward to the half-marathon race in my home town here in Hamburg since January. It should also be an anniversary Halfmarathon namely the 20 in my - our city. I've learned to love the halfmarathon and the track in the last year so I wanted to run. I wanted it so much that I did not want to see for eight days  that my complaints are too hard and I should not run for health reasons. Despite knee tape I got from the physiotherapist and he has made the color admittedly pretty I still felt a pain during my run and it did not stop unfortunately.
The test run on Friday (27.06) made ​​it clear that it hurt too much despite stretching exercises and physiotherapy. I probably had to make a decision whether I wanted to or not. The head said yes and the heart did not want to admit how the "situation" afforded. I have been working all the time on this race and I was looking forward to it. A few months ago I also persuaded my best friend to run her with me. She was practically already in the mode of arrival (and I'm in a pretty bad mood because of the imagination that she should rock this thing alone, in my city, without me). And so I ran to our place the „Waldsee“ in the hope that he could give me an inspiration.
Well all in all we had a great Saturday and we had dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. We ate Homemade pasta (yes, its great before such a Run: delicious KH). 
Sunday morning our alarm clock rang about 7:00am. A glance out of the window confirmed me that probably the "Running God" does not want that I start. We had so much rain. After a look at the rain radar I thought ok it is decided now: Just as it looks it will rain the next few hours. So how a robot I got dressed and went to breakfast (we booked us a room in the Hotel Riverside next to the Reeperbahn where the Halfmarathon startet because so I did not have to drive so much).
Like a robot I chose the classic sports breakfast which I prefer before such a competition: egg, toast with honey, a banana with some natural yoghurt so that 100% work yet with the metabolism before the start. (That's why I have breakfast 2.5-3 hours before the start at the latest).
We were very quiet at breakfast and looked again and again - with a questioning look - out of the window, like a few other runners. It was obviously a rain battle. By my head, the idea was that I NEVER ran a race in the rain before. Interesting idea and yes when I start in New York I also have to accept EVERY weather. When we got back to our room with a view my bestie began to prepare. She put on their running things, start number pinning, etc. - all just for the impending rainy-battle-run. And like a robot I started the same procedure without really realizing what I was doing. Because I'm already an experienced running bunny I prepared  two 'top trash bags for us (I've concerned  this the evening before) that we can put over our clothes before the start. This is a necessary features for weather like here in Hamburg. Women looks pretty stylish in it.
Well even today three weeks later I dond't know exactly what was happening to me, maybe I left my brain in the hotel bed? Or ruled the subconscious to the conscious? Whatever it was, maybe the adrenaline in me. Since we were at the Reeperbahn it was clear to me that I'll start despite the rain.
We gave up our clothes bag and sorted us into the respective blogs. One minute before 10:00 clock I stood between target time 2:00 and 2:15 and wished my bestie (she wanted to stay behind) happiness (it should be her second - and I am so proud of her, because only 15 months ago she started to run (she said she came by me to run) and after 11 months she finished her first HM in Frankfurt - Gee, my La Cat * kiss * I am pleased to be your motivator). 
The starting shot was fired and suddenly it was only drizzling. Ha, I still believe in my running God! But he had sent too much heat, it was enormously oppressive. "I thought that'll be fun" – and I and was glad that I have persuaded my girlfriend to wear short running clothes and not like many, others. They wear jackets or have other ballast. We started walking with Samba drums on the Reeperbahn. Yes, as always a very sublime feeling it was AWESOM. The route (click here for route) is planned that you have to run a second round on the Reeperbahn. I found that last year already 'horny': The music that plays in the rhythm of my legs, the cheering spectators on the roadside, the joy that I can (also) run, the ambition and the adrenaline made ​​me feel no pain but run enjoyable. 

Until about 11 km my world was fine. I ran and I had great joy. However, it became increasingly warmer and more humid and I think it was at the water station at km 12 where I suddenly felt the pain and I even got a little dizzy. Luckily only briefly. I came out of the rhythm and ran on a little more restrained. Oh, how beautiful looked our warehouse district with the sun glistening Fleet before. Then I tried to beam myself mentally to "central Great points". There would be the Wallring tunnel. I know a samba band is playing before the tunnel to which I looked forward. The rhythm powert me completely through the mile-long tunnel. And a cooling it's waiting because it's shaded and cool inside. Then the pain came back on. Not yet pushy but he was there. I looked at my running watch and wondered ... continue to run at a slower pace? Quitting? Nope, it was too early. Okay, I turned down a gear. And then, several factors came into play: 
The drummers before and behind the tunnel, the mega-entertainment at the inflection point on the Kennedy Bridge (I read "You are heroes, oh yes that was me, no question ^ ^), the unknowns called on my name (standing on the starting number) other runners who smiled at me or handed me her water cup and finally the small enthusiastic Kidds who wanted me to parry again. When I was at the Alster I waved mentally up to the Presidential Suite and I was grateful for the heavy rain shower that suddenly came from above. As quickly as it came it was gone again and now it was just hot and humid. Often the signs are motivating me which people holding in hand. My favorite examples: "Only few km then there's beer" or "The people in front of you don't look better" ... hehehe, that's probably true. Suddenly I had almost reached the end of our Außenalster lake and I drank again at km 18 again and poured me a cup completely over my head. And then it happened about at km 19 another increase was coming. I can't run no longer in my pace and I thought to go a little bit" (the jung hoppers around me do the same). The good thing is you know the km 19 km that the 20 comes soon and then 21km is nearby. But first you have to get there when a hillock feels like the Mount Everest and the pain dominates and you think you really have no more single grains. Suddenly I heard someone called my name. My runnig God sent me around 2 km before the finish the lovable and pretty Lisa. She follows me and my project on Instagram and asked about my knee. I swore like a fishwife and had a painful look on it. Then she said, "Come, we'll run the rest together“. I was flabbergasted. A strange young 19 year old girl managed it to mobilize my last and unexpected reserves. I'm sure I went over my limits from this moment. This is something I've never experienced. From there I mobilized my last reserves and I only felt pain and trance. Lisa by my side and I ran and ran and ran and I had the feeling I adapt her pace. Suddenly we pass 20 km and I hear the presenter say „you could still finish under 2 hours“. I thought this can't be true. 
I called Lisa for a second time that she should run alone. I did nott want to frustrate her finish time but she just laughed and waved at me (I think). So we walked on pushed by her family on the roadside again, the stupid rise on the red tree Chaussee up with the last still possible grains. I didn't see the finsih and I thought "shit mountain," I felt that I CAN'T run no longer. I don't see the finish line "damn it, we have already passed the" Only 1,000 meter mark"?! Then I saw the finish, I looked right over and I sawLisa still by my side. Wow, awesome thing that we're doing, the audience applauded and carryed us / me to the destination. I had a lock at the current clock above us and I thought wow, I cracked my time from April. Because the time I was was 2 hours and three minutes. I was overwhelmed. And I almost cried (if Lisa had not been by my side, I would have cried). We hugged and I felt deep emotion and gratitude. (Later, Lisa wrote me that I pushed her also because exactly from the point where she saw me she had a cramp in her right tight and she had to decide to give up or to go further .... until she saw me.) I believe it was no coincidence. This encounter, this mutually pushing to the finish. Young and not so young, athletic united with a common goal. What a beautiful sign. I am still very pleased about it. Together with Lisa I've picked up the admittedly really hard-won -medal, and then I ran back to the finish to take care of my girlfriend. She had, too soon roll in, I had no doubt. Since she was then - and we fell into his arms. She also had to arrive soon – I had no doubt. There she was and we huged each other. And so were eunited again and we both have REALLY finished. Now it has been a all around perfect Sunday.
Thank you Lisa. Thank you Cathi. 
You are - like me - my Sunday heroines!
PS: Of just over 8,500 registered runners 7850 started (the other 650 are obviously 'fair-weather Runners). 5,640 finishted after the whole 21.2 km from my city, including 2,020 women, plus my bestie, Lisa and me (almost one-third did not finish). I'm under the first 667 finisher in this Halfmarathon and I'm very proud.  And I also have a new best time in my 3rd HM. 

The female rate was very high here in Hamburg. About 35% of all finishers in Hamburg were female. In the West German or even international half marathon compared very considerable. Last but least: I ran this half marathon with my old lucky shoes and tape on the left knee and left ITB. Really? I hope I never have to do it again. And next time I'm rather reasonable. I still have problems and I can't start the marathon training until now.

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